Mats Gustafsson

2 AUGUST 2015

On  Saturday,  1  August,  the  Swedish  composer  and  saxophone  player  Mats  Gustafsson  will  perform  a  solo  concert in the exhibition hall. Gustafsson, born in 1964 in Umeå, is known as an outstanding representative of Scandinavian free jazz who succeeds in combining the different styles of improvised music in a multifaceted way. As a soloist but especially within his many cooperations with other musicians he moves along the borders of  jazz,  punk,  rock  and  New  Music.  Reacting  spontaneously  to  the  exhibition  surrounding  and  art  works,  he  creates a particular atmosphere and interaction between music and art that underlines his interdisciplinary approach.

Mats Gustafsson, Georg Herold
Mats Gustafsson, Georg Herold