Stiftung zur Förderung zeitgenössischer
Kunst in Weidingen

The Stiftung zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Kunst in Weidingen (Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Weidingen) was founded in 2012 by gallery owners Max-Ulrich Hetzler and Samia Saouma. The Foundation’s aim is to promote contemporary art and culture, especially through annual summer exhibitions in Weidingen. Artists are invited to live and work on the premises during preparations and the exhibition run, for which they may also receive financial support in kind of a grant. The Foundation will make artworks that form part of its assets available to institutions for exhibitions or on permanent loan, mainly to public museums in the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate. In addition, the Foundation can undertake any charitable activities suitable to the furtherance of its aims. The Foundation may act on its own behalf or facilitate material or non-material support to third parties. There is no legal claim for the allocation of Foundation assets.

Executive Board:
Max-Ulrich Hetzler (Chairman)
Max Edouard Friedrich Hetzler
Samia Saouma-Hetzler

Advisory Board:
Manfred Herrmann
Hans Werner Holzwarth
Matthias Moos

Selected press:

Friedrichs Foundation, Weidingen / Bonn

In October 2021, the Friedrichs Foundation, founded by Brunhilde and Günther Friedrichs, opened its own exhibition hall in the immediate vicinity. For the founders, the long-standing commitment of the Stiftung zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Kunst in Weidingen to promoting contemporary art as well as future planned building and art projects provided the impetus to come to the Eifel and dedicate themselves to the advancement of present-day art. Both foundations cooperate closely in the realisation of an exciting exhibition and educational programme.