Navid Nuur, Untitled, 1988–2014, Stein, Magnet und Eisenstaub 

Navid Nuur, Untitled, 1988–2014, Stein, Magnet und Eisenstaub 

Navid Nuur


Navid Nuur’s practice is guided by his fascination with materials, processes, and the transitory aspects carried by the latter. The artist often places his work between the audience and an abstract, active phenomenon, such as light, energy, or air, thereby emitting a playful and poetic strength. Transcending time, history and the imagination, Nuur’s Untitled, 1988–2014, comprises a white rock marbled with grey and ochre veins. The rock indicates the geological processes which progressively shaped its current mineral structure; the gradually levelled mount denotes the dynamic events which are responsible for its existence. Placed inside the stone is a magnet which generates a magnetic field. This source of power activates the iron dust found on one side of the rock, creating a pattern which renders the underlying energy visible. As the work is exhibited outside, changing weather conditions also influence the appearance of the dust. Slowly oxidising, the iron gradually evolves in colour, in a continuous process which further highlights the merging of past and present.

Navid Nuur, Untitled, 1988–2014, rock, magnet, iron dust

Navid Nuur, Untitled, 1988–2014
rock, magnet, iron dust