Kraken Möbel
01. Jan.

Ida Ekblad came to sculpture by creating assemblages from discarded elements that she scavenged in journeys through urban spaces, including roadsides, scrap yards and constructions. Her recent sculptural work marks an evolution by bringing together newly made forms, prominently featuring bronze and iron, among other materials. Gates, benches, lamps, coins and animals are some of the familiar elements which recur.

The benches […] invite us to take our time. Their seats are held up by the octopuses, invertebrates that are notoriously intelligent. They are important to Nordic mythology, trigger strong emotions, and giant octopuses are known to drag ships and people into the ocean’s depths. Like Ekblad’s work, their long arms reach out into all directions. […] Everything has the potential to be significant—especially everyday life.

— Daniel Baumann

Ida Ekblad, Kraken Möbel, 2019, wood, paint, cast iron, lacquer, 80 x 170 x 80 cm

Ida Ekblad
Kraken Möbel, 2019
wood, paint, cast iron, lacquer
80 x 170 x 80 cm